Bad Deal of Gridiron Tickets by HAA Bared In Report to Council

Committee Named to Correct Present Inequities; Group to Work on Long-Range Plan

Inefficiency and mismanagement in the assignment of football tickets by the Harvard Athletic Association were reported last night by Henry Lee, Jr. '48 who has been working during the last week as a special investigator for the Student Council on the stadium seating problem.

Speaking before a regular meeting of the Council, Lee said that the system of distributing tickets to undergraduates was not at fault, but that there seemed to be some discrepancy between theory and practice. Understaffing and lack of effort to make a really equitable distribution were also claimed by Lee in his report.

Following Lee's remarks he was appointed to lead a committee which was assigned the task of bringing particular complaints before the H.A.A. and attempting to correct the faults in the system, so far as possible, in the remaining games of the season.

Tickets for the Yale game have not as yet been assigned, and the Council is hopeful that its action may avoid a repetition of the complaints caused by the Holy Cross assignments.