Sargent Lays Down Dumbbell To Dance with Crimson Men

Another local feminine institution of higher learning has been heard from as a representative of the Sargent College dance committee invited 250 University students to a "function . . . well, it's only a dance" tomorrow night at the little Phy-Ed. school, just three blocks up Massachusetts Avenue from Square.

Promising "a social event which will interest CRIMSON readers . . . no end!," the committeemaiden said, "Now that Radcliffe girls attend the same classes, I feel that a lot of Harvard men are getting into a rut with these girls. After all, they should realize that Sargent also has its points."

Complaining of the prevalent attitude that Sargent girls are "muscle women," she added, "We're well built, but not muscular. After all, modern physical education develops a lot more than just muscles."

Formal invitations to the 8 to 12 o'clock dance must be obtained by calling ELIot 8138 today between 3 and 11 o'clock.