Wednesday Named as Last Date to Get Yale Ducats Under Priority

Wednesday will mark the last day on which regular applications for tickets to the Yale game may be submitted if they are to come within the normal priority system in the assignment of seats, the Athletic Association announced yesterday.

No count of the applications has been made up to this time, but it is estimated that the 60 percent of the Stadium reserved for the University has already been oversubscribed. This does not mean that it is too late to make successful applications.

Undergraduates First

When the arduous task of assignment begins on Thursday, the priority system will be: single season tickets first, then other single seat applications in the order--undergraduates, alumni, graduate students. Following the singles, all pairs are assigned according to the same system and so on with the triples and larger blocks.

With the undergraduate assignments priority will be according to class rank--Seniors, Juniors--and so on down the line. Date of applications prior to November 6 does not figure in the assignment, but late application for singles and pairs will be fitted in only as places become available.