December 28 Chicago Parley Will Plan U.S. Students Organization

Now definitely set for December 28 to 30, the Preparatory Conference for a National Union of American Students will convene in Chicago next month well attended by Harvard representatives, according to an announcement made yesterday by Douglass Cater '46, Chairman of the Student Council's Committee on International Affairs and College delegate to the Prague Congress during the summer.

Cater said his committee is currently devising procedure for the selection of Harvard delegates and will shortly complete plans for a consolidated group from universities throughout New England. "We intend to have definite ideas," he said, "for the Constitution and program which we think a national student organization in this country should follow. This Chicago Conference, if properly supported, should be the beginning of a truly representative national student organization--which is essential if we are to participate in the international exchange of students and other international student activities."

Meanwhile Russell Austin, chairman of the American delegation to Prague and head of the University of Chicago AVC chapter, outlined the general aims of the forthcoming organization: "In American colleges and universities today there are issues which concern students directly and are of great importance. A nationally representative student organization can provide both a medium for the widest interchange of ideas among students and a basis for unified action on issues where general agreement is found to exist . . ."

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