Over the Wire

CIO Issues Statement

ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., November 17--The Right and Left wings of the CIO agreed today on a statement "resenting and rejecting" Communist interference in CIO affairs and pledging loyalty to America's free institutions.

This declaration seemed to signal a truce in the bitter left-ring rumpus for the time being and enables the CIO to offer a solid front against industry in the wage battles of this winter.

An important right wing leader, who declined to be quoted by name, told reporters that left wing extremists were forced to accept the strong Anti-Communist language by a threat to ram it down their throats" on the convention floor this week.

The right-winger said, "We had the votes, and they knew it."

President Philip Murray, who announced the declaration with obvious pleasure, also issued a 77-page printed report to the CIO convention which opens Monday.

In the report, he said the only way to escape an economic collapse is to raise wages and cut prices.

He demanded a return to strong price controls, a return to the excess profits tax and controls over scarce materials.

Murray described the CIO role in last winter's wage disputes as "magnificent," and said "The firm unity within the CIO will result in the same success in the coming months as we achieved during the past winter."

The declaration of policy against interference by Communists or other political parties was similar to previous utterances by Murray himself.

But this time, significantly, the statement was the handiwork of a special committee of six--equally divided between right and left wing leaders. Murray said this committee worked two and a half days in almost constant session and was unanimous in its agreement.

After the six-man Committee finished its work today the 51-man CIO executive board, composed of diverse elements from all CIO unions, approved the statement unanimously. Now it will go to the convention itself for approval tomorrow.