Spear Urges '46 Fans To Wield Flash Cards At Blue Gridion Game

The long-heralded plan for flash card displays from the stands of the Stadium this Saturday were explained in full last night by head cheerleader Gerald Spear '48. In an effort to make his plan thoroughly understood and effective, Spear has received the cooperation of WHCN which will broadcast the plan in detail tonight at 9:25 o'clock.

Sections 35 and 36, occupied by the class of '46, will bear the responsibility of holding up the cards at the proper moment. Students in these sections will find the red and white cards placed on the cards nor to leave their seats unoccupied during the half.

Spear explained that each card will have numbers on either the red or white side and students holding cards are supposed to hold up the numbered side corresponding to the number displayed by the cheerleader at the foot of the stands.

When the cheerleader blows his whistle the card is to be held vertically at eye level, or just below, for about fifteen seconds or until the cheerleader blows the whistle a second time. At the second signal the card should be dropped to the student's side out of sight.

There will be two or three different displays, each of which will be designated by the number on the cards. Spear appealed to the students for cooperation saying, "A prompt raising and lowering of the cards upon hearing the whistle will aid immensely in the effect." The actual displays and letters which will result from this scheme remained a secret last night to be learned only by the Eli fans on Saturday.

Spear also asked that the cards be left in the seats at the end of the game.