Varsity Perfects Plans for Eli Tilt As Goethals Returns to First Team

Crimson Eleven Improves on Defense Against Bulldogs; No Starting Changes Slated

Every detail of Dick Harlow's system--every block, spin, loop, and fake--received a thorough going-over yesterday afternoon, when the Varsity perfected its plans for stopping the Yale attack on Saturday and polished a few offensive tricks of its own.

Harlow has ruled out any scrimmaging before the game, and the session was completely devoid of contact work. The squad's spirit, which rises with every afternoon's work-out, zoomed higher than ever in the concluding signal drill, in which the Crimson ran through almost every play in its repertoire.

Goethals Returns

Henry Goethals made his first appearance of the week with the first eleven, and carried out his assignments as though he'd never been away. Vinnie Moravec was allowed to alternate with Tommie Tennant as "B" team fullback for a brief period, but there are grave doubts as to whether he will be able to participate in a complete practice before Saturday's game.

Emil Drvaric, third of the Varsity regulars injured against Brown, seemed fully recovered from his leg aliment, and took part in all phases of the "A" team's operations.

Defense Improves

Much attention was again devoted to defenses against the Eli's T-formation attack, with the Freshman squad imitating the Bulldogs. Yesterday the Crimson line was more accustomed to its defensive tasks, and Hal "Levi Jackson" Moffie was bottled up often in the defensive dummy scrimmage.

Pass offense was also on the menu, and Pete Petrillo showed his best passing form in weeks. Leo Flynn, Chip Gannon and Jim Noonan were the other chuckers.

With only Moravec's status in doubt, the Varsity starting lineup will very likely be an exact replica of the squad which opened the Brown engagement. Wally Flynn and John Florentine seem well-established at ends, as do Ed Davis and Ned Dewey at tackles and Jack Fisher at center, Nick Rodis and Drvaric will probably be the starting choices at the guard berths, but Jim Feinberg and Bob Drennan will undoubtedly play major roles against the Bulldogs.