Leighton Warns 500 Students of Special Meeting

Non-Concentrators Instructed To Be at New Lecture Hall Saturday Morning at Nine

Attendance will be required of the more than 500 University undergraduates, who have not as yet chosen their fields of concentration, at a special meeting in the New Lecture Hall Saturday at 9 o'clock, it was announced by Delmar Leighton, Dean of Freshman, yesterday.

Roscoe Pound, University Professor and former Dean of the Law School, and David E. Owen, Associate Professor of History and Chairman of the Department of History, will explain the steps necessary to enroll in a field of concentration and discuss the more general considerations involved. Dean Leighton will preside at the meeting.

"Men not now enrolled in fields, who are in their second term of residence or who will be upperclassmen in the Spring Term, will be required to announce their choice of fields at 2 University Hall by Monday, December 16. This meeting is primarily to acquaint these men with the problems involved so that they can meet the deadline," Dean Leighton said.

For two weeks, beginning December 2, Freshman Advisers and departmental representatives will be available for consulation and for signing Spring Term study cards and four-year study-plans.

At the same time, Registrar Sargent Kennedy announced that the distribution of study cards and study-plan forms to students would be completed by Saturday.