Waddells Recruits College Men to Act as Camp Counsellors in France

Representing "the experiment international living," a non-profit statewide organization, Ray W. Waddells outlined in Phillips Brooks House last night camp counselloring opportunities open to college students desiring to work in France next summer.

"Not an experiment in international loving," as one pre-war Mexican applicant hoped, but rather intercultural under standing, is the primary objective of the organization, Waddells explained.

Under the current plan, units of camp counsellors directed by the organization's leaders will sail at their own expense next spring for France, to undertake on a voluntary basis French camp work.

American Specialists Needed

Waddells staged that the French government is planning to send 300,000 children for "paysage" vacations next summer, and the need for American specialists in swimming, nature study handicrafts and outdoor sports is great.


Expenses will probably total between $460 and $650, Waddells stressed, but added that most of this sum would go for transportation. Last year's exploratory group of 40 spent on the average $150 during their actual stay in the country, because they lived with French families in their homes.

Volunteers, who must have fluency in French and practical camp experience, will arrive in France in the middle of June, to take up residence in some home. "This period night be called acclimation remarked Waddells.

In about three weeks they will report to "the Stage," a large depot where native French counselors and the American visitors will get acquainted and receive briefing on specific French camping problems.

Probable Side Trips

From here they will go out on assignments in smaller camps totaling so to 100 children for a four-week season. Time on the job will vary from 12 to 14 hours daily. At the conclusion of this service, there will probably-be time for side trips to Switzerland and Paris.

Started by Donald B. Watt from the Gurney School in Vermont, the experiment has been in operation for 10 years and according to their circular, it has helped at least 1600 American students to make friends in other countries.