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In its final judgment on the under-educate ticket situation, the Council packet committee last night cleared the H.A.A. of many of the accusations leveled against it during the past few weeks, lauding at the same time that there are definite needs for "certain alternations and improvements" in the system now employed by the Athletic Association.

Henry Lee '48, chairman of the Council group pointed out that there are only 2000 seats available between the goal lines on each side of the field and that many of those on the Harvard side are taken up by football players and coaches, football "H" men, faculty, and single undergraduate seats--leaving only a limited number for those undergraduates desiring two seats.

Some Changes Advised

Lee's committee also upheld the single-seat principle for the cheering section, with the advice that a change in this tradition would produce a situation even more unfair to many men than the present one in that it would move many students even farther out toward the end zones.

Tickets returned by undergraduates in be cheering section should not be with-held from females, however, the committee suggested, remarking that such returns should be paired up whenever possible.

The committee also recommended that season tickets for two seats outside the sheering section should be cold in future years, and that all returned seats in the two rows above the band be saved for their use. The report also suggested that enlargement of H.A.A. facilities and more deficient service would end many student complaints.

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