Nominating to Be Only Function of 1947 Committee

Acting purely in the capacity of a nominating board and not as policy-makers for their war-displaced class, the seven members of '47's Nominating Committee will meet tonight at 8 o'clock in Phillips Brooks House to submit names for permanent Class Committee balloting, scheduled for early next term.

The Nominating Committee will be concerned exclusively with the permanent Committee election because of the belief of Chairman Donald M. Blinken '47 and the Student council, which made the appointments last Monday night, that only an elected body should have jurisdiction over the selection of Class Officers, the Class Day Committee, and the staff of the Album.

Some Ballots to Be Mailed

Since many members of the class have already graduated and others are still in the Armed Forces, ballots will be mailed to all men of '47 not in Cambridge when the voting takes place in February.

All technical election procedure is to be handled by an election committee of four non-members of the class, chosen by the Student Council. They will take over after all nominations are in.


Petitions will go up in the House dining halls, the Union, and Dudley next Monday to supplement the Nominating Committee's decisions and will be due January 13, the same day that the Committee will hand in its slate. Twenty-five signatures are required to put a name on the ballot.

Blinken Welcomes Suggestions

In addition, any suggestions to Committee members will be welcome, Blinken stated. Since most of the class now in College reside in Adams, Lowell, and Dunster, which were the only Houses available when '47 began arriving in the summer of 1943, the majority of the Committee was chosen from those Houses.

Stephen D. Becker and Philip M. Stern are the members in Adams, Victor J. Critchlow in Dunster, Richard A. Green and E. Barr Peterson in Lowell, James J. Sullivan in Dudley, Blinken in Winthrop.