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Materialism was the by-word in an informal poll concluded last night to determine what local college girls wanted most for Christmas from their University boy-friends.

Although admitting that "money is probably the most inexpensive thing to give this year," the belles felt they would like something slightly more enduring. "Let him give me something to remember him by--from the song of the same name," pleaded Miss Janet White, Smith '48.

"Perfume evaporates, clothing--besides usually being out of taste--wears out," said Miss Sally Peek, Middlebury '50. "What we want is something we can get our hands on.

"I've got an empty garage right now, and I'd certainly like to have something to put in it," she added. "But I suppose that is a little over the heads of most Harvard men."

Miss Sandy Schoenberg, Sargent '48, suggested, "I would like a diamond-studed garter to go with my black mesh stockings." When reminded that this gift would be a pretty expensive item, she replied, "Oh, I think I'm worth it."

Said Miss Sue Shapley--"is the name, and don't you think I am?" Vassar '47, "Tell him to get me something with an 'H' inscribed on it, so I can remember which sweetheart it's from--preferably a letter sweater; filled, that is."

I'd like my stocking filled," said Miss Jean Workmann, Wellesley 49, "with invitations to all the big, bang-up festivities at Harvard next fall.

"If she's not engaged," said husband-seeking Joanne Seamens, Simmons '50, "the boy might take her window shopping in the jewelry-store district.

When asked what to do if the girl in question was already engaged, Miss Seamens replied downheartedly, "If she's lovely, why not buy her a case of Ponds?"

"But natch, I mean after all,' said miss Nastalthia Smythe-Heartherstone, Radcliffe '44, "these women should say what they really want. I mean, all seriousness aside, all I want is...but no, you guess...But no, silly boy...Nopesy, but you're getting warmer, but def...But no, now you've colled off again..."

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