Delegates Arrive For International Student Assembly

With delegates from 20 New England colleges schedules to start arriving this afternoon, S. Douglass Cater '46, Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Student Council, said last night that a good proportion of those invited had already accepted, and predicted that most of those not yet heard from would be present when the meeting gets under way.

The meeting, which will attempt to set plans for the Chicago conference during the Christmas vacation, will consist of one two-hour session, starting at 4 o'clock, Cater said. The proceedings will be open to the public.

Included among those institutions which had accepted as of last night were Radcliffe, Wheaton, Northeastern, Boston University, and Wellesley.

Two Reports slated

At the same time, Cater disclosed that a conference with President Conant and Provost Buck on Saturday had laid the framework for two investigations and reports to be made shortly by his committee.


The first report will cover University admissions policy on foreign students, with emphasis on their present geographical distribution. Means will be sought to increase the proportion of students coming directly from abroad, especially from Europe and Asia, he stated.

The second report will be done in co-operation with the Graduate School Advisory Council, and will seek to coordinate policies now in force covering credit given undergraduate or graduate members of the University for work in a foreign university. Cater said he hoped to promote the practicability of students here going abroad, studying and receiving credit for one or two terms' work.