Chen, Fairbank Score Inept U. S. Policy for China

Say Major Defeets Are Use of Country as Pawn, Solving Problems by U.S. Formulas

Use of China as an international pawn to thwart Russian expanision, and wellmeant but inept attempts to solve China's problems with inapplicable U. S. formulas were cited as two main defeate in U. S. Far Eastern policy at the fourth Law School Forum last night.

Speaking on "What is the Solution in China?" Chen Chin-mai, Counsellor to the Chinese Embassy, and John K. Fairbank '29, associate professor of History, agreed that the U. S. attitude thue far has been without proper regard for the best interests of the Chinese people.

"This attitude," claimed Fairbank, "is most obvious in the case of militaryminded Americans who sincerely belive that we should support any regime aborad which will oppose Russia. We appear in China to be not only selfish and stupid, but dishonest as well."

This dishonestly, said Fairbank, "is manifested in out favoring the Kuomintang government over the Communists while we were supposed to be acting the part of an impartial mediator."

Chen pointed out that the key problem in the Chinese mind today is how to save the country. "The Chinese desire above all a government that can guard their recently hard-won freedom... a government that will provide adequate national defense, for they know very well that national weakness has always been a standing invitation to agression."