Next Fall's Influx of Freshmen Will Approach Normal

Veteran, Non-Veteran Ratio To Be More Nearly Equal

Despite emphasis upon accommodating veterans in the University, every effort will be made to accept a "respectable number" of non-veteran Freshmen coming directly from high schools next fall, Richard M. Gummere '07, chairman of the Committee on Admissions, said yesterday.

Non-veteran Freshmen, however, will be discouraged from entering the College during the summer term according to current admission plans. It is expected that the percentage of veterans, which is now 58.3, may reach 70 percent in September.

Criterion Unchanged

"We are going to try to take a respectable number of Freshmen from civilian schools," said Gummere in summarizing admissions policy. Our criterion for selecting these men will be exactly the same as before the war, but the number will be limited to just what we can accommodate."

Of the current-grand total of 6,828 students in the University, 3,981 are veterans. Enrollment in the College alone, now 2,507, may exceed 4,500 by fall, which will bring the grand total of the University far above the record enrollment of 8,585 in 1938-39.


Both Gummere and Delmar Leighton '10, dean of Freshmen, said that preliminary surveys indicate veterans are making scholastic records equal with or better than those of other students. "This is contrary to the view advanced some time ago, that veterans would have to take it easy in school after coming back from war." Leighton said.