Durant Announces Room Rent Increases To Meet Inflationary Rise of 30 Percent

Doubling Up Needed In All Price Brackets

General room rent increases of ten percent in the Houses and five percent in the Yard will take effect beginning with the summer term, according to an announcement yesterday by Aldrich Durant '02, Business Manager of the University.

At the same time, a one-third increase in the total occupancy of University rooming facilities, in every type of suite and every price category, will out down on many individual term bills as long as abnormal enrollment requires doubling up."

Majority to Double Up

"It will be necessary to accommodate at least one student above normal capacity in the majority of the suites in the Houses," Durant stated.

Pointing out that basic room rents now are substantially at the 1940-41 level, Durant claimed that the rent rise is necessary to meet 30 percent grater costs resulting from the "period of inflation".


An average 40 percent rise in hourly wages for labor--consuming half of every cost dollar weighs meet heavily in the total. Maids' pay has rises presently from 40 to 60 cents an hour.

Average in House Up $14

Average prices per man in the Houses will rise from $130 to $144 while in the Yard they will jump from $119 to $124. For doubled-up suites, $40 per additional man will be added to the room's total rent, which will then be divided equally among its occupants.

Electricity charges henceforth will be included in the room price instead of the three dollar per man item that has appeared on previous term bills.

AT Yale, a flat rate of $158 a term is charged to all students, reliable, authority states, with allowances made for those on scholarships or needing special aid.

All now Freshmen will be housed in the Yard by fall, Robert B. Watson '37, associate dean, said yesterday, and will eat in the Union as before the war. In spite of University offices now occupying former suites in Weld and Grays, accommodations will be arranged as needed by room-sharing.

Room applications for present House members are about to be distributed, while residents of the Yard will not be able to apply for House membership until late next month.