Wild Calls World Security Solution To Atomic Control

Weisskopf and Sergio Also Address Cambridge Forum

Payson S. Wild, Jr., professor of Government, called international security the key to atomic bomb control in forum on the subject of "Control in a forum on the subject of "Control of Atomic Energy" at the New Lecture Hall Wednesday night. Victor Weisskopf, professor of Physics at M.I.T., and Miss Lisa Sergio, radio commentator for the Blue Network, also spoke. The forum was sponsored by the American Association of Scientific Workers (Boston and Cambridge Branch), the Cambridge Association of Scientists, and the Cambridge League of Women Voters.

Answering Professor Weisskopf's complaint that "all the wealth of observation, the results of years of study at Los Alamos and elsewhere, is locked away in the files of the Manhattan Project," and is blocking by its inaccessibility all the peaceful possibilities of atomic energy, Professor Wild reminded the large audience that "We have inherited a mutual distrust for Russia," on which the atomic secrecy is based.

He placed the responsibility for this distrust "squarely on both Russia and us. Russia's fear of the 'cordon sanitaire' after the last war, and our own fear of communist propaganda" are to blame, he continued.

"People are actually talking about dropping bombs on Russia. Many people who talk so glibly about dropping these bombs neglect the consequences of such action. It would mean that the draft would be extended indefinitely; recenversion would be ended indefinitely; we would be forced to police the world."

Miss Sergio, who had spent the morning at Hunter College at the UNO Security Council, said, "At the UNO his morning, men were saying things that might very easily bring war, might at least make Russia war out of the UNO