Dean Hanford Writes. . .

I wish to express appreciation for the important service which the CRIMSON renders for the officers of Harvard College, expecially by the presentation to the undergraduates of mows articles coucerning changes and developments in regard to the curriculum and subjects having to do with student life.

Of particular importance are the CRIMSON editorials. These help to give the officers of instruction and administration a better understanding of undergraduate opinion on educational matters as interpreted by a group if editors who are closely in touch with their fellow students and who are also in a position to obtain the necessary facts.

Finally, but not least, there is the great value of the CRIMSON as an undergraduate activity which provides for a considerable number of students the experience of organizing and directing affairs and of working with others for a common end.

Personally I am very much indebted to a long list of CRIMSON Presidents and editors for their counsel and co-operation during the last nineteen years. As a result of their under standing assistance the work of the Dean's Office has been made much casier. A. C. Hanford.