Sic Transit Gloria...


14 Plympton Street

Cambridge 38, Massachusetts

Dear Sirs:

With the approaching "Last Issue" of the HARVARD SERVICE NEWS and the return of the HARVARD CRIMSON, I desire to express grateful appreciation to the Management, Staff, and Ship's Company of the CRIMSON, for the hearty cooperation and valuable information services furnished Naval Personnel in training at Harvard University during World War II.


It is realized that this accomplishment was possible only at considerable sacrifice and many readjustments on the part of the CRIMSON organization, for which additional thanks are in order.

I feel that it is with mingled regret and pride that the HARVARD SERVICE NEWS retires from Harvard's War Effort, regret that our association becomes history and pride in the knowledge of an accomplished mission.

In closing, may I add the Navy's traditional phrase of approval, a hearty "Well done!" Sincerely yours,   C. H. J. KEPPLER,   Captain, U. S. Navy,

Commanding NTS Harvard Nniversity