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Graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences and the Law School will be provided with a special University-operated dining hall next fall for the first time, Provost Buck announced today. The location for the project has not yet been chosen, but the Radio Research Building is under consideration.

The site finally selected will provide accommodation for 300-500 graduate students, the Provost said.

Meals in the new dining hall will be contracted for on the same meal per week basis that at present governs undergraduate Houses and rates will correspond to those in the Houses and the Union. The system will not be compulsory.

The Provost characterized student support of the project as essential to its success, but said that he had already received assurance from the Deans of the two schools that there was an active demand for such an undertaking.

At present, graduate students are eating in the Union, recovered from the Navy last fall, in the Houses where some of them now live, and around the Square. These arrangements would have to terminate in the fall, the Provost said, when the Yard is expected to be completely full of Freshmen who will, as in pre-war years, eat at the Union. The Houses will also be closed to graduates in September.

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