Radcliffe Favors English Courses

Summer Students Tend Toward Literature, Social Relations

Radcliffe enrollment figures this summer show a trend toward English reading courses, with a secondary preference for Social Relations. Statistics Wednesday placed Comparative Literature 65, Proust, Joyce, and Mann, in the lead with 17 'Cliffedwellers in tow, while English 24a, Shakespearean tragedy, was a close second with 14.

Getting off to a slow start, but coming up fast on the outside is Social Relations 14, Anthropology and Modern Life. Almost devoid of feminine charm at the start of the term, 12 ladies now swell its ranks with further additions still possible. Social Relations 84, Social Pathology rounds out the quartet with ten girls enrolled.

Female Mind Explored

The intricacies of various female minds were probed for a possible explanation of these trends. Typical students interviewed agreed Comparative Literature 65 was "a hard course." This phrase was interpreted to mean the lectures are conducted on a high intellectual plane and reading assignments are relatively long. Proust, Joyce, and Mann have great appeal as modern writers, and the lecturer, Associate Professor Harry T. Levin '33 was termed "impressive."

Social Relations 14 did not receive the mark of indolence usually applied by male students. Associate Professor Clyde K. Kluckhohn is regarded highly, and reassuring word came that some of the girls have already started the outside reading, even though it is voluntary.