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University students will have an opportunity to break into motion pictures next week, when March of Time photographers go into action on a forthcoming scientific film at the Semitic Museum. The shooting was originally scheduled for this morning but was postponed last night.

Earnest A. Hooton, professor of Anthropology, will speak at a simulated lecture class while the cameras grind. Yesterday he asked for volunteers from his Anthropology A class, but the response was limited, and 25 to 30 student extras are still needed.

Next week's pictures are to be incorporated in a future March of Time issue, the story of which is intended to show the public that science has a good deal of practical, useful knowledge relating to social anthropology. It will point out the modern concept of the interassociation of anthropology and sociology, as exemplified by the University's department of Social Relations.

The feature will admit the presence of a "lot of quacks in the field today," but at the same time will prove that there is a considerable amount of authentically scientific information.

"Professor Hooton has been chosen primarily because his lectures are given in the laymen's language, but also, he has become a colorful public figure, an abrupt exponent of his theories," the March of Time said yesterday.

"Actually, this is only a sideline assignment. Our main assignment is to get some shots of President Conant in connection with a story we are doing on atomic energy," said Robert W. Schofield, production manager of the unit. "We learned of this future story; so we thought we could kill two birds with one stone."

These will not be the only screen scenes of the University which the public will see this year. At present, the short, "Hymn of the Nations," featuring Arturo Toscannini, is being shown in New York. This film contains a scene from the classroom of Gaetano A. Salvemini, lecturer on the History of Italian Civilization.

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