Housing Office Announces Rents for Hotel Brunswick

Price Range From $25 to $80 Established as Old Edifice Is Renovated for Fall Use

Prices ranging from $25 to $80, with the average suite of two rooms and a bath renting for $65 per month, have been established for the 115 family accommodations at the Hotel Brunswick housing project for married students and their wives, it was announced by the University Housing Office yesterday.

The five sleeping floors of the hotel, which was built in 1874 at a cost of over $1,00,000, have been completely redecorated and all plumbing and wiring renovated. However, the project will be used only to accomodate married couples without children, since no cooking will be allowed in the rooms.

Completed in Fall

Hunneman, and Company of 5 Arlington Street, Boston, has been contracted by the University to manage the hotel and is attempting to arrange the installation of coin-operated washing machines on each of the floors.

All suites except the lowest priced ones consist of two rooms and a private bath, with only those renting under $45 sharing a bathroom. The only $80 suite has larger rooms and has been furnished by a private party. Fifteen units remain to be furnished before the project is completed for occupancy by students this September.


$1.25 For Two Meals

Morning and evening meals will be furnished by the concern which now operates the Brunswick Grill in the basement of the hotel at a rate of $1.25 per day per person. Location of the dining room is undecided; but it will be either in the Copley Square officer's club, which adjoins the hotel, in the Brunswick Grill, or in the old hotel dining room on the lobby floor.

Assignments will be made about September 1, since the rooms, complete with furniture, will not be ready for inspection until that date.