$10,000 Council Food Fund Campaign to Begin Tuesday

Drive Will Include All University as Letters, Telegrams Show Pressing Need Abroad

Setting its goal at $10,000, the Student Council Food Relief Committee announced yesterday its plans for a large fund-raising drive to include the entire University, starting Tuesday and extending to the end of the week.

Four student representatives have been chosen to lead the drives in different branches of the University. They are: William Sharpe, Jr. '43, of Kirkland House, for all undergraduates living in College buildings; Richard Angell 2G, for all graduate students; Joseph Beck 1GB, for the 1,700 Business School students; and Thomas Kellifer 3L, for the 1,500 Law School members.

Food purchased with the funds raised in this drive will be distributed by the Unitarian Service Committee, which has handled previous University shipments to Europe, in the following manner:

1. In Vienna, to a committee of 1,500 students at the University of Vienna who are known to have actively opposed Fascism.

2. In France, to the University of Paris, and several other universities.

3. In Italy, to the University of Florence, whose rector has a distinguished anti-Fascist record.

Need for Food Is Great

How great the need is for food abroad is forcibly shown by letters and telegrams received by the Committee from observers in Europe and from a number of students in foreign universities who have benefited already from food sent as a result of the conservation program in the dining halls last term.

The Unitarian service Committee representative in Vienna sent as telegram from Geneva on July 20, which said in part: "Harvard student action meets terrible need Austrian universities. Situation Vienna students particularly catastrophic. . . . Committee of wronged students who during Hitler ear excluded from university for racial reasons and active participation resistance movement. This Komitee Der Geschaedigten Studenten has 1,500 members certified victims of Nazism. . . . These students now lacking resources are forced to earn livelihood on the side irrespective of extreme malnutrition and illnesses contracted during long confinement camps. . . . Many valuable students lacking physical strength to continue face giving up studies. Anticipated Harvard action first ray of hope."

Malnutrition Is Prevalent

On July 31, the Christian Science Monitor confirmed those facts, according to the Committee, and set the average daily calorific value of a student's meal in Vienna at 1,161 calories, as compared with the standard of 2,500 calories required for a normal sedentary existence.

In Paris, according to a letter from the Unitarian Service Committee representative in that city, "the average calorific value of meals for one day at the University of Paris is 1,400 calories."

Another letter from Paris states: "I am a student of Medicine and Letters at the University of Paris. . . . I should like to express my deepest gratitude to the students who sacrificed a part of their food ration for our benefit.