Summer Sculling Regatta Slated to Begin August 19

Wherry, Singles Events Climax Term for University Rowers

As interest in the wherry class out-distanced that in the more advanced groups, Coach Blake Denuison and Edward A. Callanan '41, announced yesterday that plans for the University-wide sculling regatta to be held during the week of August 19 to 23 are nearly completed.

Of the total of 58 men signed up for the races on the Weld Boat Club lists, 21 are wherry hopefuls. "Only those who have begun rowing during the summer term will race in these beginners' boats," said Dennison.

He added that no one qualified to row in compromise or singles may row in the wherry class. The compromise class and the novice singles are the next most contested events, with both of them drawing ten hopefuls each.

The Senior singles and the Junior singles have attracted five contestants each, and the 155 pound singles is scheduled to present seven oarsmen for the competition.

The large number of men in the wherry group may be run off in semi-finals before the main race according to Coach Dennison, who announced earlier that trials will be held each day at 3:30 o'clock from August 19 to 22. The final races are scheduled for August 23.

Another plan which the officials hope to carry out is to choose a champion sculler from the winners of the four singles classes by a race among the class victors.

The winner of this championship under pre-war traditions receives the Darcey Memorial Cup, but Dennison said that the cup would not be awarded this year, because the length of the races is only a half mile.

Entries for the regatta close at 6 o'clock next Wednesday afternoon. Oarsmen may row in only one event according to the rules established by Dennison and Callanan, and prizes will be presented to the winners of each half mile race.