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Vince Moravee Replaces Cowen In Starting Lineup; Harlow "T" Will Face Initial Trial

By Irvin M. Horowitz

Post-war collegiate life returns to Cambridge with a vengeance today, when the Varsity football team opens its first formal gridiron schedule since 1942 against a University of Connecticut squad which has won 20 of its last 24 contests. Kickoff time is 2:30 o'clock and an estimated gathering of 25,000 will watch the action.

Boasting fullback Walt Trojanowski, the leading scorer in collegiate football last season, and a rugged line anchored by the Dropo brothers, Walt and Milt, the Huskies hope to make their first visit to Soldiers Field an unforgettable occasion for Coach Dick Harlow's charges this afternoon. An estimated 1,400 rooters will be on hand from the Connecticut student body to watch their squad match its Minnesota single wingback system against Harlow's newly-instituted "T" formation.

Connecticut's starting line, which outweighs the Crimson forward wall five pounds a man, is studded with veteran strength, and its backfield, in addition to Trojanowski, boasts a new wingback, Freshman Don Ross, whose 145 pounds make him the highest man on the field at the start of things.

This strong outfit is facing a Harvard team which hasn't scrimmaged as a unit once this season. There have been countless minor injuries to his potential starting players, and Harlow is going to rely on the individual ability of his aggregation to survive the Crimson's initial venture this season.

Two changes--or, more accurately, a change-and-a-half--were announced yesterday by Harlow in his starting lineup. Fullback Vince Moravec, who was injured in practice on Monday, has recovered sufficiently to supplant Bob Cowen at the bucking post, and for the quarterback spot Frank Miklos will run the club if Harvard receives, while Henry Goethals will start if the Crimson kicks off.

Ned Dewey is the only first-stringer for the Varsity who played regularly a year ago, and Dewey was a guard in 1945. Wally Flynn and Captain Cleo O'Donnell were letter winners in 1942, although neither was a regular, and Eddie Davis had two years of informal football for Harvard in 1943 and 1944 when Henry Lamar, Freshman coach, handled the squad.

Connecticut showed its wares for the press in the Stadium yesterday afternoon, with the Huskies running through plays from its single wing and later practicing kickoffs with Walt and Milt Dropo the leading lights. Harlow's eleven showed up later, posed for pictures, and ran through a short drill which also featured kickoff practice.

Harvard's "B" team, whose members are expected to see considerable action today, consists of the following players: Tom Felt and Len Cummings, ends; Mel Allen and R. F. Garvey, tackles; Charley Gudaitis and Bob Drennen, guards; Jack Fisher, center; Bill Henry, quarterback; Tom Gannon and Leo Flynn, wingback; George Boston, fallback; Bob Cowen, fallback. STARTING LINEUPS HARVARD  CONNECTICUT W. Flynn (200)  le  W. Dropo (220) Dewey (200)  lt  Brink (213) Rodis (210)  lg  Herman (204) Glynn (200)  c  M. Dropo (225) Feinberg (180)  rg  Molloy (175) Davis (210)  rt  Fortini (202) Fiorentino (180)  re  Christensen (175) Miklos (188) or Goethals (184)  qb  Jorgenson (190) O'Donnell (158)  rhb  Ross (145) Petrillo (190)  lhb  Starkel (185) Moravec (210)  fb  Trojanowski (193)

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