Bikes Go West For Wellesley Prizes Sunday

Turnpike Speedway Ready for Classic

Shouts of "Wellesley or bust" will again resound along the Worcester Turnpike Sunday when the Harvard Outing Club's cyclists renew their annual ten-and-one-half-mile mad dash toward Wellesley College and a welcoming committee of girls.

While no one offers to predict New England skies three days in advance, cycle enthusiasts nevertheless think continuation of the present warm and sunny weather may give one of the 15 to 20 entrants a chance to snap the 28:30 minute record set by fleet John H. Potter '45 back in 1942.

Usually held in October, the Wellesley race was renewed last April 27 instead of the previous fall only because of delay in peacetime reorganization of the College's Bicycle Racing Club, which dates back into the 1880's.

A Long Ride to Smith

Starved for female companionship, Crimson cyclists have pedaled all the way to Northampton-to set a record of something just short of five and one-half hours-and in previous years have pushed and wheezed their way south to Wheaton. In 1941 they staged a high-wheeler race to the 'Cliffe in period costume.

Any member of the University is eligible to enter the race, leaving at 9:30 o'clock Sunday morning from the Chestnut Hill Avenue-Worcester Turnpike intersection for Weston Road and thence to Alumnae Hall, Wellesley. Police protection has been arranged along the Turnpike, and no stoplights will delay the two-wheelers.

A three-minute handicap is offered the inexperienced, and consideration is also given to the type and condition of the vehicles, Bob Lathers '45, president of the club announced.

No Kissing This Year

After the Boston press whooped it up last year for a kiss from a petite Wellesley underling as a winner's reward, which incidentally never was consummated, the Wellesley girls this year offer only "doughnuts or other suitable refreshments," with entertainment for the remainder of the day including hiking, boating on Lake Waban, and cycling for those who haven't had enough along the Turnpike grind.