Checkup Reveals 20 Percent Select Economics as Major

Government Second Most Popular Field

There no longer is any truth in the statement that there is an Ec. major sprawled out under every table of statistics; the fact is that at least four out of every five undergraduates in a field are not in Economics.

Whether it is labor, money and banking, international trade, or theory, however, there is a greater concentration of concentrators in Economics than in any other department. Approximate figures out of University Hall yesterday put Ec on top with 736.

Less out for Honors

Although leading in total enrollment of concentrators, the Economics Department has less theses to read come senior year than its social science rival, Government. The latter field may be second with 688 concentrators but is in front with honors candidates with 249, about a dozen above Ec.

Third in magnitude is English with 454 majors and fourth is the one-year-old Social Relations, followed at some distance by Latin, Greek, War Service Physics, and Semitic Languages with 2, 2, 1, and 0, respectively.


With two experimental semesters behind it, the major of Social Relations is probably the fastest growing offering in the history of the college. The Ten Leaders Field  Majors  Honors Economics  736  237 Government  688  249 English  454  147 Social Relations  400  133 Biology  218  73 Physics  192  96 Biochemistry  176  50 Engin. Sci. & App. Phys.  169  66 History  168  119 Hist. & Lit.  129  89