Four-Part Council Ticket Program Gains Qualified Bingham Approval

Seat Poll to Reach Students Tomorrow; Cooperation Sought

All students holding two tickets in the all-male cheering section for the Dartmouth game were urged last night by William J. Bingham '16 to exchange them for a new location immediately, rather than to wait and cause embarrassment to their date, and possibly sit in bowl seats at the game Saturday.

In an effort to settle finally the football ticket rumpus which has plagued the College this fall, the Student Council's representatives met yesterday with H.A.A., director William J. Bingham '16 and gained approval of a four-point program to help solve the date and cheering section seating squabble.

Bingham approved plans for an undergraduate poll to sound out student preference for either the present plan or, a new seating arrangement. If the poll indicates adoption of the new arrangement, the H.A.A. director said he would recommend the change to the University Committee on Athletics.

The new seating plan proposes allocation of seats by class, with equal priority for single and two-seat applicants, thus abolishing the present all-male cheering section and moving men with dates closer to the 5-50 yard line.

Poll Due Tomorrow Patrick D. Dailey '50, chairman of the ticket committee, said every effort was being made to have the poll ready for distribution tomorrow noon in the dining halls.


Second point in the new plan is that bursar's cards will be checked to verify class standing both at the time of application and when tickets are collected by the applicant.

No tickets will be distributed except upon presentation of a bursar's card. This move is designed to eliminate the previous practice of some students who falsified their class standing in order to obtain better seating.

Special Ushers Assigned

The Council is assigning special ushers within the date sections to check ticket stubs of spectators who are obviously not students or guests of students. The purpose of this checkup is to determine the extent of ticket-scalping, with a view toward future preventative measures.

No person will be removed from his seat in the date section during the course of the afternoon, but regular ushers are under orders to remove women from the all-male cheering section. The one exception to the ruling is that band members are permitted guest seats within the band area in section 34.

Records kept of Resales

Supplementing the stadium spot-check there will be records kept o fall resales of student date, section tickets to insure that students have first choice in obtaining returns, and that last minute sales are to graduates rather than to "subway alumni."

The Council emphasizes that ticket returns from the date section must be redeemed by 5 o'clock on Thursday, and will be held until Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock for resale to College students who lack a ticket or need an extra seat.

The ticket committee urged undergraduates to apply as early as possible Friday morning to obtain the few tickets which will be resold.

Student Cooperation 'Needed

Dailey spoke for the committee, saking the "full cooperation of all students in observing the suggestion and requests of the committee." He stressed that the arrangements have been made for the benefit and convenience of the individual student, but that only student cooperation will make the system work."

Dailey added that the ticket committee wished to express their appreciation of the cooperation shown them by the H.A.A. during the last few days.

As a result of student dissatisfaction with Dartmouth seating arrangement, Frank O. Lunden of the H.A.A. said that in the future '42 to '43 College men will be seated in order of their seniority in the concrete stands. If it is necessary, to seat the low priority men of this group in the Colonnade, seating will start at the 50-yard line for these men