Mariaschin Trots from Basketball Court to Music Mart with Own Tune

Ex-cage captain Saul V. Mariaschin '46 is now roaming the pavement of Tin Pan Alley instead of the hardwood of the Indoor Athletic Building--in the hope that turning out popular songs will turn enough dollars for the long pull through Law School.

Already on the Wurlitzer at George's Spa, "The More I Do," Mariaschin's first recorded hit, will reach the counters of music stores in the Square tomorrow, sheet sales are scheduled to begin next week.

Mariaschin bunks in the Arena these days under the aegis of trainers for the Boston Celtics. Whether or not he makes the squad he will continue plugging his 35-odd words-and-music creations.

"The More I Do" recording, under a Republic label with vocal by ex-Waring man Walter Scheff, features a lyric starting: "The more I do, the more I want to do; so I do nothing, do nothing all day,"

Birth of a Song


Mariaschin and a guy named Joe were lazing away an afternoon three years ago in a personnel waiting center in a California Seabee base. Said Joe: "I know the less I do the less I wants do." Said Saul: "Yeah? well, the more I do the more I want to do." By nightfall, he recollects, the decision to write a song was definite.

Tunesmithing is a trade Mariaschin plies with ability neither to read nor play music.

"Never Before Dreamed Of" and "Sentimental Guy" both written during his stay here as a V-12 man and a Funster will soon issue forth on Republic wax and Occille Music's sheets.

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