Susan Reed Peers Over Zither at Networkers, Calls Them Shy Wolves

Ballad singer Susan Reed smiled prettily yesterday over her slither-like "ever" lovin," pointed through a glass window to the cluster of WHHV official standing shyly in their control booth, and complained that although Harvard men are "fine," they always "hide in the next room."

A Hollywood and Cafe Society star, the 21-year-old redhead is in the Hub area for a Radcliffe Alumul-sponsored concert in Arlington tomorrow night. A bevy of concert usherettes escorted her to the Network studies to record a program for broadcasting tonight.

English I reading lists now include some of the hill country ballads and Negro folk songs 'Suve" learned during a. South Carolina childhood. Her speech still has traces of Dixie.

Singing a Hobby

In New York, where she migrated with her family, the shy and by her own word "plan" girl, aspired to be a painter but carried on her singing encouraged by friends and teachers. It wasn't long before Cafe Society spotted her and a hobby became a inerative venture.


Publicity-wise and sophisticated now the little freckle-faced kid who liked to sing folk songs still finds audiences with her clear-voiced renditions of such ballads as "Melly Malone" and "Barbara Allen."

Singing is her only love. "I have no beau." Susie sighs. "Men are wonder full but they always run the other way." One of the songs the successful vocalist sings these days is an old melancholy lament, 'I'm sad and I'm Lonely.