University to Hear Speeches Of Evatt, Levin, Van Doren

With in the short range of 200 yards, University forum goers will have a three-way choice of speakers tonight. Herbert V. Evatt, Harry T. Levin '33, and Mark Van Doren will appear almost simultaneously in different parts of the vicinity of the Yard before varied audiences.

Evatt, Australian, Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, will present the second in his group of three Oliver Wendell Homes Lectures at 8:30 o'clock in Sanders Theatre. His topic, "The Working of the United Nations," follows last week's lecture on the origins of that organization, in which he decried the use of the veto power. The series will conclude tomorrow evening when Evatt will touch upon the "Future of the UN."

In Fogg Art Museum at 8' clock Professor Levin, Chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature, will start the ball rolling in the Modern Language Center's celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Cervantes. Speaking on "Cervantes and Melville," Levin will present the first on a list of some eleven lectures by a group of noted scholars.

Included among these will be professors from five American universities, poet W. H. Auden, English novelist Ralph Bates, and two presentations of music from the Cervantine period. Harvard representatives on the slate will be Amade Alonso, professor of Romance Languages, and Jean, Joseph Sexnec. Smith Professor of the French and Spanish Languages.

Four of the lectures, which will be held in the Institute of Geographic Exploration, will be given in Spanish.


In still a third corner of the Yard, Mark Van Doren will address the Harvard, World Federalists and interested outsiders in Emerson D at 8:30 o'clock. Van Doren, professor of English at Columbia, will speak on "A Liberal Looks at World Government."

Introducing the speaker of the evening will be Ivor Richards, University Professor, who is the author of a book on World Government in Basic English entitled "Nations and Peace."

After the formal meeting, the Federalists have slated a question period and discussion of organizational plans.