NSA to Press For Overseas Student Trade

Regional Meet Asks Exchange Education

Accelerated effort on the part of individual colleges toward arrangements for international exchange education will rank a major goal of the National Student Association in Northern New England, according to a statement last night by William J. Richard '48, regional NSA international activities chairman.

Richard and four other College delegates attended the regional Constitutional convention of the NSA over the weekend at Mt. Holyoke.

"We will urge specifically," he said, "that colleges attempt to institute progress similar to that at Smith, by which both the American and the foreign student pay their respective home schools the regular tuition rate. This goes far to ease the difficulties in currency variation."

Vital Information Unearthed

Stress upon international exchange followed the introduction of information, attributed to the New York Times, by delegate John Silverstone '49 to the effect that 40 percent fewer European students are studying in the United States this year than last while a correspondingly larger number over last year study in Russia.

The College delegation, including Frederic D. Houghteling '50, David C. Poskanzer '50, and Theodore H. Turner '49 as well as Richard and Silverstone, plans to recommend a definite date for ratification of regional and national NSA constitution by the student body here in its report tonight on the weekend's conference to the Student Council.

Elections Stir Controversy

Dissension entered the otherwise harmonious sessions yesterday afternoon during confirmation of officers elected previously at a regional caucus of the NSA Madison founding convention. Chairman Lawrence Jaffa 2 Div was unanimously reelected. But Miriam Haskell of Smith, was replaced in a 32-20 vote by William Tracy of Springfield College, as the second spokesman for the region on the organization's national executive committee.