Wallace Backing Gathers to Push His Plans Today

One more political organization joins the multi-colored College family today when the Harvard Committee for Wallace meets for the first time this afternoon at 4:15 o'clock in the Noble Room of Phillips Brooks House.

Spokesmen for the organizing executive disclosed last night that the embryonic group was the outgrowth of informal discussion with Robert Kenney, who handled Henry A. Wallace's press relations during his appearance here for the A.V.C.

Stand on Wallace Views

Lazare Nesin '48 announced a temporary prospectus for the committee calling for "the progressive program of peace, prosperity, and freedom as it has been elucidated by Henry Agard Wallace.

The document also endorses "the Rooseveltian concept of big three unity through the mechanism of the United Nations" as well as "rolling back prices for permanent full employment and an equitable system of production, distribution, and taxation."

The Wallace movement, the prospectus states, is alone in its fight to preserve civil liberties in the United States.

Committeemen added that they would lend support to all groups "who have joined or will join the Wallace movement."