Report on Union Setup Goes to Faculty Monday

Committee Hits Yard's Disunity

A sweeping survey of Freshman activities will go to University Hall Monday for suggestions and revisions before being forwarded to the Corporation for final action, Richard W. Kimball '50, chairman of the Freshman Affairs Committee, announced last night.

The committee report will recommend taking the Jubilee and Freshman Smoker out of the hands of the "overworked" Student Council and entrusting them to a strengthened Union Committee. It will also urge that the Register be revived, that incoming Freshmen be provided an adequate handbook on the College and Yard activities before coming to Cambridge, and that a program be set up to give the Red Book continuous, experienced management.

Traditions Broken

"This is an excellent opportunity to streamline Yard activities," said Kimball, pointing out that virtually all the Freshman traditions had been broken by the war years.

"A class that was 60 percent veterans last year could not be expected to be interested in Red Books and stamp clubs," he asserted. "We will now have men just out of high school to work with for the first time since 1943."

Striking out at the lack-of unity in recent classes, the report will urge that all Freshman activities be aimed at bringing Yardlings closer together. Increasing the number of smokers and beer parties, providing a Register with pictures of all members of the class, and making the Union clubs more attractive are part of the program.

Kimball's group will recommend that the same men who put out the Red Book in the spring organize the Register for the next fall. Thus neither publication will find itself lacking experienced personnel.