Misogynist Monitors Give Girls Air, 'Cliffe Berates

Radcliffe girls don't like the treatment they are getting from Harvard monitors.

In its editorial and news columns this morning, the Radcliffe News carries stories protesting seating plans which place the girls in "the remaining seats at the back or sides of the hall," Sometimes there just aren't any the girls point out.

Before places were assigned, a quick feminine smile could usually argue a man out of his seat, but with a seating plan that's all over.

The girls feel they are entitled at least to a special row somewhere near the front of the room and think the "ideal solution would be to include Radcliffe in the alphabetical plan." To those who think this would complicate attendance-taking, they point out "that it is quite simple to distinguish between a Radcliffe and a Harvard student."

Drafty Ankles


In Government 13b, Radcliffe sits in the back five rows of Emerson D or in seats over at the side near the windows "that the monitors will not assign to Harvard because of the draft." Although they have the "new long skirts to wrap about their ankles," says the News, the girls still suffer from cold ankles.

"Acoustics are pretty bad when one is squatting on the floor behind the last row of seats," they add. And Radcliffe girls don't dare wear hobble skirts to English 40 where they have to climb four feet to the window sills. The classroom has 10 extra chairs in the aisles for 40 Cliffers and grad students.

According to the News, the nicest man in the College is not even a Harvard man. He is Theodore Ropp, visiting lecturer from Duke University, who asked the monitors to put "the fairest flowers" right in front of him in the first rows.

Nothing to Sit On

"No matter how fast they run between classes, editorialises columnist Cynthia Baker '49, "they arrive to find the few seats that are theirs taken by the auditors."