Pics of Crimson Gridiron Greats Adorn Mens Shop

Pete Zikarian, former soda-jerk but now a haberdasher who, unlike another wellknown ex-member of the trade, is making a tidy go at it, likes to take business sitting down for a change. And when he stretches out in the Crimson Men's Shop at 36 Dunster Street he likes to look at Crimson Varsity football players, as well as the cash register.

Zikarian stood in the shadow of his father, Mike, in the Club of the same name for 18 years, and during this time he became a remote-controlled fan of local football. In his new position in life has he had the chance, with his partner Charles Haskian, to do something about his adulation for gridiron horoes.

Actually the large picture cartoons of such Stadium notables as Chip Gannon, Vince Moravec, and Chet Pierce and a dozen others, who currently grimace out over neckties and drawers were the inspiration of Haskian and the gifted brush of one Mal Stevens of Somerville.

Bingham a Problem

Stevens achieves excellent results despite the handicap of inaccessibility to his subjects. Occasionally, however, his efforts to reproduce the black and white of H.A.A. programs in color run into trouble.


"People insist on calling that one Bill Bingham," said Haskian yesterday, "when anybody can see that it's Emil Drvaric." The Somerville artist has endowned the Milwaukee guard with a suspiciously light sprinkling of tawny hair and a somewhat hunted expression.

The portraits, Haskian says, will become the property of the players, when they graduate from College. He is currently trying to get the entire Varsity to autograph the Vince Moravec drawing to enliven his home.