Harlow Quashes Press Report He Will Resign Post

Weekend football extra headlines proclaiming that Richard C. Harlow had fielded his last team in the Allston Horseshoe and was about to resign were completely discredited by the coach himself the following night.

"I've made my position clear on that before," Harlow declared, "and I've nothing further to say."

Athletic Director William J. Bingham '16 also indicated last night that the "reliable source" of the Boston Record American resignation story was open to suspicion. "Seems to me I'd know something about it if it was coming up," said Bingham. "Frankly, I don't read the tabloid in question very often, anyway," he added.

Harlow came to Cambridge in 1935 after piling up a record of 27 straight victories as mentor of Western Maryland. In 1937, piloting an injury-riddled team, his now legendary "November" prestidigitation conquered Captain Clint Frank's favored Yalies 13 to 6.

Last year he registered a strong year statistically with seven victories to two reversals.