University Employees Union Pushes For 15-Cent Maid, Janitor Pay Hikes

Fifteen-cent per hour pay increases for all University-employed maids and janitors will result if the University Employees Representative Association succeeds in its current wage drive.

"It will be quite a fight, I guess," declared H.U.E.R.A. President Daniel G. Mulvihill yesterday. He points out that the University budget is made up in June. To grant the raise it would be necessary for the University to take money already assigned to other departments.

More Bede, More Work

Chief reason for H.U.E.R.A.'s demand, according to Mulvihill, is the crowding of additional students into College rooms. While the College claims that the maids have been assigned the same number of rooms as formerly, Mulvihill asserts that doubling up means extra work and should mean extra pay.

Current wages for maids average 75 cents an hour, while janitors get $1.15.


H.U.E.R.A. is not nationally affiliated. A.F. of L. organization has been defeated three times amidst charges that the local union was receiving University aid.