Liberal Strength Lodged in Graduate Schools, Newsstand Survey Indicates

Liberalism comes with age in Cambridge, a poll of House, Union, and Graduate Dining Hall newsstands demonstrated.

Only Graduates buy New York, newspaper PM and their newsstand provides an outlet for a substantial percentage on left-wing periodicals sold.

In the College, Adams House leads the sale of left-of-center magazines, while Leverett, once known as "the Moscow on the Charles," trails far behind. Compared to the modest 11 percent at Leverett, 28 percent of the news-weeklies bought by the Gold Coasters are either the Nation or the New Republic.

Yardlings are conservative in their choice of reading matter when contrasted with the Graduate students and the inhabitants of five of the seven Houses.

According to Don E. McNicol '48,3L who is in charge of the Union newsstand, last year's large and polyglot Freshman Class, made up largely of war veterans was no different in this respect, than this year's Class of '51.

Daily Worker subscribers could not be tabulated, since the Communist mouthpiece is distributed by mail.