NSA's Student Ship Program Taking Water

Legislative Inaction Halts Foreign Trips

Congressional inaction threatens the continuation of the student ship program which sent 4000 students abroad last summer, claimed Robert L. Smith '46, NSA International Activities Commissioner, last weekend.

Addressing NSA's New England regional executive committee, Smith stated that unless the legislature given authority to the Maritime Commission and a safety walver to the Coast Guard the program faces imminent cancellation.

Regional chairmen Lawrence M. Jaffa, 2Dv, and Robert West, Yale, pledged their areas' active support toward saving and possibly expanding the tottering program.

Book Congressional Aid

The joint meeting resolved to demand the aid of New England representatives on the strategic Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce and the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committees. Letters to these men, Senators White, Brewster. Tobey, and McMahon and Representative Seeley-Brown, will be sent.

The NSA-instigated program which filled two C-4 type ships, "Marine Tiger" and "Marine Jumper," is sponsored by the Institute for International Education, American Youth Hostels, the Experiment in International Living, and the Friends' Service Committee.