Bruno Walter Talk Will Aid Relief Funds

As his "gift to the Food Relief Committee," Bruno Walter, musical adviser to the New York Philharmonic Society, will lecture informally on Mozart's "Magic Flute" in Kirkland House Junior Common Room March 26 at 5 o'clock.

In a double-barrel announcement yesterday that described drive returns thus far as "surpassing last summer's individual records," Richard D. Campbell, Jr. '48 Committee Chairman, disclosed that Walter replied to the Committee's letter with an offer not only to lecture, but to supplement his talk with a discussion period.

Late receipts boosted the food fund total to $11,245 last night as the drive pushed steadily toward its $25,000 quota.

Tickets, limited in number, because of Walter's request for a small audience, may be obtained on a first come, first serve basis by writing the Food Committee at Phillips Brooks House and enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Pleased with the progress of the drive, Campbell asserted last night that "attainment of our goal now depends on contributions from Faculty members and students who couldn't be reached by direct solicitation."