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Murray Talk


WASHINGTON, April 13--CIO President Philip Murray said today that industrialists, delaying wage raises until Congress acts on Labor bills, threaten to force great strikes in America.

Murray closed a CIO meeting with a speech saying American and world stability "He in the lap of American industrialists." He accused major industry of "an orgy" of "actual racketeering" and "organized robbery" in the matter of prices and profits.

Murray lashed the House and Senate bills as "designed to: completely cripple Labor; destroy the Wagner Act; create confusion and industrial disturbances; create a system of totalitarianism equivalent to that which prevailed in other countries."

The House bill as approved by the Labor Committee would outlaw the closed shop but permit the union shop, prohibit certain industry-wide bargaining, provide for court injunctions to block serious strikes, abolish the National Labor Relations Board and the U. S. Conciliation Service and replace them with other bodies.

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