Placement Office Forum to Explain Engineering Jobs

Potential careers in the field of Engineering and Applied Sciences will be the subject of a forum in Winthrop Junior Common Room at 7:15 o'clock Wednesday, John W. Teele, director of the Office of Student Placement, announced last night.

Elmer C. Easton, assistant dean of Engineering, Albert Haertlein, Gordon McKay Professor of Civil Engineering; Frederick V. Hunt, Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics; and Robert V. Kleinschmidt, lecturer on Mechanical Engineering, will speak at the meeting. Gordon M. Fair, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, will preside.

"Right Job" Is Problem

Discussing the work of the Office of Student Placement, Teele declared, "A man from here can always get a job; the problem is getting into the right job. That is what the forums we run are for."

Teele stressed that the main job of the Office of Student Placement is to help the student select a career, but that when it comes to obtaining a specific job, "men must place themselves."


Almost all the men who were graduated in February and many of those being graduated in June have already found jobs, Teele stated.

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