Freshmen Will Hear Speeches by Professor About Prospective Fields of Concentration

Freshmen, who must choose their field of concentration within the next few weeks, will get an opportunity to hear men from the various departments discuss their fields in a series of talks in the Union Common Room, it was announced last night.

Harold H. Burbank, David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy, will start off these sessions with a talk on the Economics Department tomorrow evening at 7:15 o'clock.

The Mathematics Department will be the subject of the second talk in the series, to be given by Associate Professor Saunders MacLane tomorrow at 8:15 o'clock.

Professor Talcott Parsons will discuss the Social Relations Department Wednesday at 7:15 o'clock; while Professor Henry A. Frost will explain the workings of the Department of Architectural Sciences at 8:15 o'clock the same evening.

Thursday will see Assistant Professor James J. Lingane talk on the Chemistry Department at 7:15 o'clock and Professor David E. Owen discuss the History Department of 8:15 o'clock.

Meetings to discuss the remaining fields of concentration will be hold in the near future. The exact time and place of these sessions and the names of the professors in charge of them will probably be announced some time this week.