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Saturday was Derby Day at New Haven, but out on sun-baked Dewitt Cuyler Field it was the visiting Harvard track team that went to the races, rolling to a 711/2 to 631/2 victory. The Eli Freshmen salvaged at 681/2 to 661/2 win over their Crimson counterparts.

Although the Varsity grabbed 10 out of 15 firsts, multi Eli seconds, and thirds kept the outcome of the meet in doubt right up to the next to last event, the 220, when Crimson-jerseyed Dave Cavicke surprised everybody by bounding down the middle of the track to paydirt. At this point, there was much clearing of throats and muttering of "that's that" by hoary Eli grads and straw-hatted under-grads alike.

Immediately afterwards, Captain Wes Flint rippled over the 220 lows in 23.8, just two tenths of a second off the Harvard record, but instead of being the meet's clincher, it was only the denouement.

The summary:

Pole Vault--Tie for first between P. Harwood (H) and W. Lawrence (H); 3, Brown (Y). Height--12 ft., 10 in. Broad Jump--won by Grimes (Y); 2, Bundy (Y); 3, H. Thayer (H). Distance--22 ft., 33/4 in. High Jump--won by G. Harrigan (H); 2, Keyes (Y); tie for 3rd between G. Hauptfuhrer (H) and Hall (Y). Height--6 ft., 3/4 in. 16-pound hammer throw--won by J. Fisher (H); 2, S. Felton (H); 3, Norris (Y). Distance-- 169 ft., 31/2 in. 16-pound shot put--won by Frank (Y); 2, W. Jackson (H); 3. P. Garland (H). Distance--48 ft., 23/4 in. Javelin throw--won by D. Trimble (H); 2, Bouton (Y); 3, Gelb (Y). Distance--198 ft. Discus throw--won by Frank (Y.; 2, S. Felton (H); 3, Barker (Y); Distance--151 ft., 7 in.

120-yard high hurdles--won by W. Flint (H); 2, Finley (Y); 3, Cook (Y). Time 14 8/10 sec. 100-yard dash--won by Jonkins (Y); 2, D. Cavicke (H); 3, Beach (Y). Time--10 2/10 sec. One-mile run-won by F. Gurley (H); 2, Gardner (Y); 3, Baldwon (Y). Time--4 min., 32 sec. 440-yard dash--won by D. Hamblett (H); 2, Burdick (Y); 3, Lucke (Y). Time--51 sec. Two-mile run--won by Randall (Y); 2, Livingston (Y); 3. H. Rosenfeld (H). Time--10 min., 11 4/10 sec. 880-yard run--won by T. Withington (H); 2, Ingelin (Y); 3, A. Edelman (H). Time--2 min., 6/10 sec. 220-yard dash--won by D. Cavicke (H); 2, Lucke (Y); 3, F. Haydock (H). Time--22 6/10 sec. 220-yard low hurdles--won by W. Flint (H); 2, Finley (Y); 3, P. Mccormick (H). Time--23 8/10 sec.

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