UMW Ratifies New Wage Contract Sending Coal Miners Back on Job After Official Ceremonies Today

Over the Wire

A nation-wide coal shortage was definitely averted last night when the United Mine Workers policy committee ratified a new wage contract, which will send the minors back to work after it has been officially signed today with the northern operators. The contract is "national," meaning that operators all over the country must accept it before their men will return to the mines.

Tax-out opponents, meanwhile, prepared to meet another GOP onslaught as the Republican leaders readied their new four-billion dollar tax-cut bill for a vote in the House today. Yesterday, the House unanimously approved a bill permitting holders of GI terminal leave pay bonds to cash them after next September 1. Congress also heard a message from President Truman, asking it to solve the "tragic problem" of Europe's displaced persons.

As home politices hastened to adjourn for a summer vacation, international diplomats warmed up for a new Paris Conference Saturday, with two reports from the French capital indicating wide support of the Marshall aid-Europe plan. One report said that Czechoslovakia had accepted a British-French invitation to attend despite Russia's adverse stand; the other concerned a vote of confidence given to Premier Paul Ramadier's coalition cabinet by the French Socialist Party, which at the same time approved the principle of the Marshall plan.

The weather: Rain and cooler today; clear and continued cool tonight.