Council to Extend $100 Grant-Loan for Smoker

Weld Gives Annual Presidential Report

The first Freshman Smoker committeemen since the war found their entertainment program on firm ground last night as the Student Council voted a fifty-fifty grant-loan of $100 at a meeting in Phillips Brooks House.

Smoker expenses may call for an unprecedented amount of monetary aid this year with a seemingly unavoidable $125 charge for the use of Memorial Hall heading the list. Other anticipated liabilities pose the possibility of a nominal door-charge to bolster limited funds.

Elections Discussed

Class of '48 election techniques ran the gauntlet with middling results at the meeting as Dudley House voting was censured because one aspirant officer saw fit to campaign unduly close to the ballot box.

A committee headed by Michael B. Rothenberg '49 will undertake a program making it possible for foreign students to stay with American families over Easter vacation, the Council decided.


President Edrie A. Weld, Jr. '46 brought his annual report before the Council last night. The report, a concise summary of Council activities for the year, will be available to students through House libraries and possibly common rooms.