Second Call for Parking Applicants Goes Unheard as Only Five Sign Up

Further discouragement faced Student Council parking plans Tuesday as a second deadline on applications fell with only five more students signed up.

This brings to 25 the total number who have registered during the three days before Christmas and during the recent two-week extension. Possibly ten times as many will be needed before the Athletic Association opens Soldiers Field for student cars.

John K. Lally '49, chairman of the Council parking committee, will continue to stump for the field, which a large number of students backed in a poll.

He will ask the College to place parking contracts in all registration envelopes next month, in an effort to make application as easy as possible. The committee will also conduct another campaign in the spring, when undergraduate cars emerge from the high-cost garages around the Square.

The biggest expense connected with the lot, Lally said last night, is that of maintaining a $1,200-a-year guard. The Council hesitates to eliminate this cost because it has promised a protected lot to students who have already registered.

Lally made it clear that no one will be charged rental until the field is definitely opened.