U.S. Hockey Units Fight for Nod in Winter Olympics

Amateur Hockey Association teamsters were touring in Czechoslovakia yesterday as their rival team, the seventeen-man Amateur Athletic Union Squad was expected to arrive in San Moritz, Switzerland.

Quick rebuttal came from the Swiss in reply to a Chicago dispatch saying that the U. S. Olympic Committee had voted 66 to 6 to withdraw all American entries from the Games if the AHA team was allowed to compete.

Marcon Hellinger, president of the Swiss group, said in a Geneva release, "For us the position remains unchanged. All the American teams, including the AHA hockey team, have been properly inscribed and can participate."

Athletes Follow U. S. Committee

Lyman Bingham, representative of the U. S. Olympic Committee here, vigorously denied the rumor that American entries in skiing, bobsledding, and skating might ignore an official withdrawal.

"All the U. S. entries have agreed not to participate in the Games if they are withdrawn officially," Bingham said. "We are not bluffing. If the AHA competes, our kids won't defy our wishes."

Eight days remain before the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee must make a decision on the unendorsed AHA hockey squad.